Main Entrance

Your child is unique and special. I know that you are deeply engaged with their education. Unlocking potential and realising your aspirations is our responsibility. Our school has an excellent record of achievement across the four cornerstones of Academic, Sporting, Cultural and Leadership endeavour. However, the nature of our environment gives students many opportunites to extend themselves beyond these traditional areas and become lifelong learners. Embracing new thinking on curriculum strengthens students' capacity to participate in the world through thinking, relating to others and using their common sense.

I am proud of our school and its caring environment. Research proves that a close relationship between home and school is a key driver in students' success. We aim to develop strong relationships between all members of the school community. I promise clear communication on your child’s achievements and what is required for continued progress.

Together we can bring out the best in our young people. I look forward to a successful partnership with you.

Elizabeth Forgie