About Us - Facilities

Kerikeri High School has wonderful facilities including several recently completed buildings. We are committed to providing the best possible environment for our students and are constantly upgrading and expanding to best meet their needs.


Te Puna Waiora Building

The Te Puna Waiora Building was opened in 2018 to provide a centralised location for student care. Adjacent to Reception and the main Administration Building, Te Puna Waiora houses the Deputy Principals, Deans, Guidance staff and the Student Centre.

Culinary and Hospitality Centre

The Culinary and Hospitality Centre was opened in 2012 providing Junior and Senior kitchens, pantry, chiller, and two classrooms one of which doubles as the Apprentis Restaurant.

Science Maths and ICT (SMI) Building

The SMI Building was opened in 2011 providing three Science laboratories, a Science prep room, three Maths classrooms, a 30 computer Learning Common, Data Centre and offices for the ICT and Property staff.

Business Enterprise and Social Sciences (BES) Building

The BES Building was opened in 2009 providing 10 new classrooms, a 24 computer Learning Common and staff offices.


The gym features a full-sized basketball court, showers, equipment store, staff offices and two classrooms. It is used extensively by community sports groups for training and local competitions.


Our auditorium is used for assemblies, presentations, displays and drama productions. It has tiered seating, a sound and lighting control room, backstage area and makeup/changing rooms. It is wired for 8 channel sound and 24 channel lighting to permanent lighting bars.


The library has a large and varied contemporary book collection with a networked circulation and management system. There is a meeting area, two pods of computers and a casual reading space . The library was fully renovated in 2000.


Technology / Art

Completed in 2003 the TechArt complex features four spacious purpose-built classrooms, a design room with 26 high-end PCs, technology workshops, an outdoor sculpture area, storage rooms and offices.

Learning Enrichment Centre

The Learning Enrichment Centre, completed in 2004, has many excellent features for our enrichment students including a multipurpose classroom, a life skills classroom for our special needs students, and a dedicated area for our correspondence and gifted students.

Performing Arts

Opened in 2003, the Performing Arts building is attached to the Auditorium and contains purpose-built music and drama classrooms, practice rooms, a wardrobe room, and an instrument storage room. There is a wide range of instruments and sound equipment including a pod of multimedia PCs with midi-keyboards and music software.

Whare Hui

Whare Hui

Located at the main entrance, the Whare Hui, Te Pou O Manako, is the focal point of Maori culture at the school and the venue for frequent powhiri welcoming visitors to our marae.


Renovated in 2008 our central administration building houses Reception, the Principals' offices, administration staff, the staffroom and main meeting room.

Diving Pool

Swimming / Diving Pools

The school leases The Kerikeri Pools during school hours in the summer. The pools are located on our campus and operated by the Far North District Council. There is a 25 metre, 8 lane pool and a 4m deep diving pool with 1 and 3 metre springboards and a 5 metre diving platform.

Computer Network

The school runs a Windows-based network of 18 servers, approximately 300 client PCs, 100 staff laptops and 300 Chromebooks. There is a mixture of class-sized computer suites and smaller 6 to 8 PC pods. PCs run Microsoft software and several specialist programs. Students are encouraged to use any free PC at any time to do their schoolwork. The school also operates a campus-wide wifi network for student BYOD devices. All PCs, laptops and BYOD devices have fulltime filtered broadband access to the internet via the school's firewall. All traffic is logged and monitored.

Science Laboratories

The school has nine science laboratories serviced by three preparation rooms. Three of these laboratories were completely renovated at the beginning of 2004 with a further two done at the start of 2005. In 2011 the new SMI Building was opened replacing the remaining old labs and prep room with state of the art facilities.


The court area doubles as netball and tennis courts with room for 5 of either. It was recently resurfaced and is served by a sports pavilion with a kitchen, changing rooms and toilets.


The school is located on a 9 hectare site with approximately half of this area devoted to sports fields.