About Us - Leadership

Students at Kerikeri High School assume leadership and service responsibilities in many ways.

Prefects are selected from Year 13 students who enter an application process that includes the development of a CV and a formal panel interview. The successful applicants assume responsibilities in the school and are given leadership training throughout the year by the Principal. They work with Class Representatives, Year-Level Deans and are actively involved on the Student Council. Prefects are encouraged to be positive role models and foster pride in our school.

Kerikeri High School Prefects 2024

At the beginning of Term 1 our Guidance staff run the Peer Support programme. Year 13 students are given Peer Support training before participating in orientation activities with the new Year 7 students. The students meet weekly in the first term for an hour of team-based activities. They also support Year 7 students on a 3 day camp. Important relationships are formed between the students and Peer Support continues informally for the rest of the year.

Peer mentoring, coaching, the KERI Reading Programme and the Kerikeri's GIFT project provide further leadership opportunities. Students may also opt for school service by becoming Class Reps, SADD Ambassadors, or Student Librarians.